I'm Akara Enyes, wellness guide, fitness instructor and emotional wellness coach.

I am a qualified life coach, herbalist and crystal healer, combining all three within my services. If you are looking for just one of these, please contact me directly.

I work with the belief that we all have full control over our lives, and that all we need to get the life we want is to learn how to use it. Our actions determine the state of our life, but it’s our emotions that determine our actions. When we gain greater control over our emotions, we gain greater control over every aspect of our lives.

By watching my videos, using the Akara Method, coming to my wellness events and investing in either my wellness kits or my 1-on-1 wellness program, you will gain a permanent sense of greater control over your personal and professional life.

Don’t let unpleasant emotions keep you from success. I specialise in working with professional men and women to help them overcome their anxieties, so they may achieve greater success and greater peace of mind. I have personally experienced and overcome social anxiety, hypochondria, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I am now committed to teaching others how to do this for themselves.

Please contact me to arrange a free consultation either at my home in Norwich or over video chat. We can find out together whether I am the right fit for you and I can help you to better understand the Akara Method – my quick 6-step technique for overcoming any unpleasant emotions.

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The Akara Method (Free PDF)

All you need is these 6 simple steps to overcome unpleasant emotion and gain control of a situation.

Testimonials from Professionals

Pilates expert Millie Dobie(www.milliedobiefitness.co.uk)

"It is such an exceptional service to have complementary crystals and teas personalised for specific needs. I received my kit beautifully packaged and with a book describing the reasons for choosing my crystals; I keep them close to my heart at all times. I especially love the little exercises suggested to help me with my shortcomings and struggles. It is a really special kit. I highly recommend this service."

Reiki Master Diane Stamp(www.reiki-collective.co.uk)

"Such a great idea and so well though out and nicely presented. For such a small book there is so much useful information in there both for people starting out on their spiritual path and for more the experienced there is also a lot to be gained. The tea really does work to sharpen the focus and make dream clearer and meditation deeper. It especially helps to drink it mindfully as you suggest in the book."

Anxiety vlogger Lauren Sowter(Lauren on Youtube)

"This tea is specifically for anxiety and it helps a whole bunch! If I'm in an anxious situation, I love to just pick something up and have it in my hand, and this (the big crystal) is absolutely perfect. I just find this really useful to hold onto. The book goes through all the crystals and tells you about each one; and I just think that's such a nice idea. I find that these (the crystals) are genuinely useful. Try something new."

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The Akara Method (Free PDF)

All you need is these 6 simple steps to overcome unpleasant emotion and gain control of a situation.

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The Akara Method (Free PDF)

All you need is these 6 simple steps to overcome unpleasant emotion and gain control of a situation.

Wellness Tips & Tit-bits

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