This week I’m all about productivity, and this may seem counter intuitive at first but it is a very important lessons I have learned.

Productivity is not about working harder. It’s about working smarter.

To be at your most productive when working you can’t just work and work non-stop. You need to give yourself breaks.

You will work faster, you will feel better and your work will be of a much higher quality.

You should give yourself at least one day a week where you don’t do any work at all. Where you just go with the flow and do other things that you enjoy and forget about work completely.

If you set your own days you should also try not give yourself the whole of TWO HOURS for your lunch break. Giving yourself a real chance to unwind and relax and put your mind to something else, so that you can carry on working effectively through the afternoon.



To keep yourself productive I think that the very most important thing to do is to keep your goals in your mind. To keep reminding yourself why you are doing what you are doing and why it is worth it.

Here are a few things to do to make sure your goals are kept firmly in your mind.

Write your main goals down on a piece of paper and keep it under your pillow. Try to read it every morning as you get up and every evening as you go to bed.

Draw a picture resembling your goals or a picture of you having accomplished your goals and hang it at your desk or wherever you do the most of your work.

Use your goals as affirmations. Spend time in the mirror telling yourself over and over why you are doing what you are doing and why the worth is going to be worth it.

Spend time whenever you can visualising and imagining you getting your goals. Reminding yourself of exactly what it is your going for. Maybe whilst on the train or maybe in bed before going the sleep.



A to do list might seem like a simple thing, but in my experience it can either make getting your work done easier than you ever thought, or it can make it completely impossible. Here are my guidelines for constructing a perfect to do list that will keep you at your most productive.

If there are really a lot of things you need to get done then a list with everything on it is only going to make you feel daunted and make you not want to even start it. BREAK IT DOWN INTO SINGLE DAYS and don’t put more than 5 or 6 different task on each days list. It will be manageable and it will feel like a big weight has been lifted.

Don’t just list the different things on your list, GIVE EACH TASK A SPECIFIC TIME. Having this kind of real structure to your list will push you to actually finish everything on it and it will stop you from spending too much of your time on just one task. Even if you haven’t finished the task by the next time slot, it’s better to move on and finish the unfinished when you finish something early.

Don’t make yourself rushed and flustered by leaving only just enough time to finish a task. Plan your day in full hour long time slots and GIVE YOURSELF AT LEAST ONE HOUR FOR EVERY TASK. Or two or three depending on the size of it.

GIVE YOURSELF A DECENT LUNCH BREAK. Ideally you should give yourself a full two hours for your lunch break. Allowing you to truly sit back and relax, to do something different and to unwind. This will allow you to be truly productive again in the afternoon.

PLAN THE RIGHT TASKS AT THE RIGHT TIMES for you. Watch and remember the sorts of tasks that you find it easier to do in the morning and the sort of tasks you find preferable in the afternoon. Plan things for the times of day where you are most willing and able to complete it.



Some days we feel truly truly productive and some days we feel totally the opposite… Why is that?

Well, I suppose you can’t very well be in a productive state every day, you have to have both the yin and the yang. The active and the passive. The productive and the creative.

The moon really does affect is a whole lot more than we realize. As the moon moves through it’s phases so do we.

And so we can look to the moon to give us a clue about when we are going to be in a productive yang energy phase and when we are going to be in a less productive yin energy state.

Then we can plan our days and weeks accordingly, planning the hard work for when the moon is in an active yang phase and planning our days off and the more creative work we have for when the moon is in yin.

This Saturday, this Sunday and next Monday the moon is going to have very strong yang energy. This is surely when you are going to be feeling most productive and most ready to work.

So plan for productivity on Monday and over the weekend. And be ready to relax towards the later half of next week.



One thing that keeps me productive is surrounding myself with things that make me want to be a hard working, legacy creating woman.

I like to make sure that I watch shows with characters that I aspire to be like. Shows that when I’m watching them make me motivated to be better according to my own standards.

I like to keep myself surrounded by crystals that give off the energy I need at that time.

I like to keep my office space tidy and with a teapot on the table because it makes me feel like a boss ass entrepreneurial woman while I’m working.

And also surround myself with people that care about creating and doing things with their lives.

Whatever things it is that make you feel on top and motivated to go for it when you have them around you, keep them around you as much as possible.



Meditation if the fuel for your mind.

Everything needs fuel to work properly, so how you can expect yourself to be productive in the afternoon when you’ve spent all day outputting.

Take in. Fuel your mind and meditate.

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In order to stay productive you have got to understand and remember that your work is your responsibility, and that the only one that can stop you getting what you want is you.

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