A blank TV screen will automatically draw your attention towards it, making you want to turn it on and watch something even when that’s not what you really want.

Covering the TV with a cloth when it’s not in use will stop it from catching your attention and stop you feeling like you need to turn it on.

If you feel routinely compelled to put your TV on in the background when you don’t really want to be watching it or you feel like you can’t help but watch TV when you’re at home then for the next week at least try keeping your TV completely covered and see if you still have the same problem.

I don’t doubt that if you do it even just for a couple of days, you will end up doing it forever.



Your Bagua will tell you where different types of energy are located within your home. It will help you understand where to place things within your home, where the best places are to do certain activities and which energies need to be enhanced within your home.

If you find certain activities difficult to do when you’re at home theres a good chance it’s simply because you’re doing it in an unsuitable space. Your bagua will show you the right place for every activity. You can also do this for any single room.

How to draw your Bagua:-

1. Draw an accurate birds eye drawing showing the basic layout of your home.

2. Fill in any missing areas, so that the layout fits into a complete square or rectangle.

3. Split the rectangle into 9 equal squares (or rectangles) as shown in the photo.

4. Fill in the 9 spaces as follows:

Top left – wealth & prosperity (for relaxing)

Top centre – fame (for entertaining)

Top right – love (for sex & intimacy)

Centre left – health (food/exercise)

Centre centre – synergy & balance (should be kept open and tidy)

Centre right – creativity (for art/music/writing)

Bottom left – self-love & self-cultivation (for meditation and studying)

Bottom centre – life path (for rest, meditation & connecting to inner joy)

Bottom right – miracles (for metaphysical/psychic practice and helping others)

3. CLEAR YOUR DOORWAYSYour doorway is the main way that energy enters each room in your home. For your home to have uplifting energy and and a positive effect on your health, you want let as much energy in through your doorways as possible.

Leaving objects and clutter around your doorway will block some of the energy from being able to enter the space. As will having anything behind the door that prevents it from fully opening.

Spend some time today clearing and de-cluttering the doorways in your home so that the doors can all open completely and the energy of the world can flow abundantly into every room in the house.

If you can’t manage to clear all of them, focus on your front door. This is the main way that energy comes into your house as a whole. If your front doorway isn’t clear then there’s no doubt there will be a lack of energy in your home.



An alter in you home is a place which you can go to to centre yourself, to find a sense of peace and to be uplifted. It is a place to pray and to meditate. A place which you can go to for insight and inspiration. A place which overflows with harmonious energy.

Your alter should be a shelf or mantlepiece with space below where you can sit. Preferably under a window, so that energy can also reach you from the outside world when you are there.

Ideally, you should place two taller objects at the right and left hand sides.

The one on the right symbolises the active, male, yang type energy and so it is best to use something which either by colour or just be feeling, represents this kind of active energy to you.

The one on the left symbolises the passive, receptive, yin type of energy and so it is best to use something that represents this calming, receptive energy.

In the centre you should place something that represents balance and unity. It is also a good idea to include crystals, as well as little objects or trinkets that that are significant to you.

You should clean the space before you begin, as well as regularly after creating it. And as you make your alter you should focus on the kind of energy you want it to embody, what you want to get from it and how you want it to make you feel.



Mirrors reflect energy back just as they do with light and so depending on where they are placed in your home, they can be either hugely beneficial or hugely disrupting. Follow these guidelines to figure out weather your mirrors need to be moved…

DO NOT – hang a mirror directly opposite a door or a window. As soon as energy comes into the space its going to be redirected right back out again, leaving the space with a definite lack of energy.

DO NOT – hang a mirror anywhere where you can see yourself whilst in bed. This will create a very sharp and direct flow of energy towards you that is just simply too much and can easily disrupt your sleeping.

DO – hang a mirror anywhere in your home with space behind it that is out of use, or not yours. For example behind one wall in my flat is stairs to the flats above – a perfect place for a mirror because it extends the perception of depth here.

DO – hang a mirror over your stove. If i’m honest i’ve forgotten exactly why this is such a helpful thing, but it’s all about advancing your health and spreading this kind of energy around.



The placement of your bed within your bedroom has a serious impact on your quality of sleep. Here are some guidelines for where to place your bed for truly beneficial and easy sleeps.

From sitting up in bed you want to be able to see the door but not to be directly in front of it. So that it is not behind you or right in front of your face.

From this position you also don’t want to be able to see yourself in any mirrors as that would create a harsh flow of energy your way which is destructive to sleeping.

Ideally, only the back headboard side of your bed should be touching the wall. There should be space either side of the bed allowing energy to flow here.

You also want to have two nightstands, one on either side of the bed. Even if they are different in size and shape, the fact that they are both there will create a balanced and harmonious energy.



Feng shui doesn’t have to stop at the home. In fact, you will benefit from improving the feng shui in any space that you use often. A lot of spend spend a huge amount of time in our office and as the saying goes “it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.” Improving the feng shui in your office will help you to work SMARTER. Giving you energy and motivation and putting you in the right state of being to work effectively.

1) Put a potted plant in there. Weather its a big floor plant or a little one on the desk, having it there will improve to air quality in the space and make it easier to think and focus.

2) Arrange your desk so that you do not have your back to the door when sitting there – just like you should have done with your bed. (See previous post)

3) If it’s possible, try to arrange your desk so that you are not just facing a wall when you sit at it. This can easily make you feel agitated and uncomfortable to stay there. It would be much better to place your desk in the centre of the room.

If this is just not possible for you then instead you can create a greater sense of depth at the wall by hanging up either a mirror or a peice of artwork with a lot of depth to it, like a beautiful scenery or puter space.

4) If your office is a home office then ideally, it should be located as far away from the bedroom and the living room as possible. This will help you to feel that the office is a space for working and not for relaxing as the others.