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About Me

What's at my centre?

From a very young age I felt the presence of a higher power; and I knew that things in this world didn’t work in quite the way people thought. I became forever obsessed with figuring out exactly what this higher power really is and how its creation (our world) really operates. I immersed myself in religion after religion; initially seeing some great truths in their teachings, but soon realising the abundance of flaws and gaps that the systems failed to address.

At age 14 my ultimate purpose was revealed to me. To figure out how the world really operates using my own unique methods. And to write a book for the world, explaining the foundations of the true mechanics of existence in this spiritually mathematical world.

From that moment, I decided to dedicate my life to writing this book; and to teaching people the spiritual mechanics that truly rule our world. Because when you understand how

things work, then you understand how to make things work.

I have loved herbal tea and have collected crystals pretty much all of my life. However, it was only once I started really learning about them and consciously using them for their wellness benefits that I was able to find this purpose of mine. I have no doubt that this played a big part in me being able to progress to such a stage. And with the addition of all that I have learned about them and about the Self, they have continued to help me immensely throughout my journey.

By helping you to learn more about yourself and the subtle ways in which you control your life, by giving you the right natural tools for you and by teaching you specific techniques, I will teach you how to make your life what you want it to be. We all need a little help along our journey, as your wellness guide, I am here to provide you with that help. Let’s work on it together.


My Story

2011 – Found my purpose and started working on my big book.

2016 – Became self-employed and started my wellness business.

2017 – Re-modelled the business and became Wellness Guide Akara.

Got a question? Or just want to talk?

Contact me on Facebook for a quick response @WellnessGuideAkara. I am here for you always.