So what’s the difference?

Well, resolutions are general notions about what you want to do more or less of throughout the year such as “get more exercise” or “eat less sugar” whereas goals are defined states and positions we wish to have reached by the end of the year.


Why is setting goals be best?

First of all, it’s much easier to keep up motivation for something when there is a defined place you are aiming to get to with it. Instead of keeping up the resolution only until your motivation runs out you are likely to keep going with it until you hit the place you really want to be. In addition, having defined goals makes it easier to evaluate whether it has really been completed or not. It’s a good idea to write your new years goals somewhere you will keep to hand throughout the whole year, such as in the back of your diary.


How to turn your resolutions into defined goals

For each one of your resolutions, think of a defined place you want to get to with it and use that as your 2018 goal. Say you want to start running more, you could make your goal to get to the place where you can run 10k in under an hour. If you want to meditate more, you could make your goal getting to the place where you can comfortably meditate for a full hour. Make sure that each one is on the level of difficulty where it will truly push you, but also that it is realistically reachable within a year and doesn’t seem daunting.


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